torsdag den 6. marts 2014

Thursday Hangout - [HICE] Meditation, Magnetism & ETI Contact.

I know there are a lot of people, who uses various apps and other tools when they actively engage in ETI contact, using the CE-5 protocols or other similar HICE techniques. I have also tried to use a homemade magnetometer during my contact meditations. I was told how to build this device in some very lucid dreams, where I was also shown how it would work.

To my surprise, it did actually work (so far once, I have tried 3 times in all so far). After meditating for about 15 minutes, the magnet/laser started to move. This is what it looked like:
If that is a bit confusing, I made this video to explain the setup, and testing it with my cellphone, and that moves the magnet and laser very easy. So the setup seems very sensitive.
I would like to know, if anyone else have had similar experiences, it doesn't have to be only about magnetic changes, but it could also be other effects on electronic devices like photos etc.

Kind regards

Thomas F. Kortholm - Dansk ETIKontakt & Disclosure Gruppe

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